A native Jerusalemite, Nehama studied Art and Set Design at the Florence Fine Art Academy, Italy. In 2004, as a student, Nehama created her first Ketubah for a family member and since then began receiving requests and orders. The business grew naturally over the years and became a passion and profession.


In addition to art, illustration and set design, Nehama has experience in gold illumination, calligraphy, graphic design and costume design, having studied with some of the best mentors in these fields.


Over the Years Nehama has created many Ketubot, illustrations and designs for couples and clients around the world, gaining over 11 years of experience in the field.

Photo by Uwe Steinert

In addition to Ketubah design, art, graphic design and illustration, Nehama holds an M.A. in Art Therapy from Haifa University and has initiated, organized and participated in several socially active art projects.


Nehama currently lives with her family in Berlin, Germany, where she works from her home studio on Ketubot, Art Therapy projects and Art Therapy related research.


Each Ketubah is initially painted by hand, using Gouache paints, ink and watercolors (with a high level of lightfastness) on high quality watercolor paper. The designs are then professionally scanned at the Jerusalem Fine Art Prints studio, and the images are optimized for high quality Giclée reproduction.


High quality and aesthetics are of top priority for Nehama Ketubah and therefore a lot of attention is given to detail and nuance. When you order a print Ketubah, you receive the highest quality reproduction of original artwork customized to your specific request and occasion. Gold leaf is frequently added to the Ketubah by hand, upon request, using 23 kt. Manetti gold leaf which is manufactured in Florence, Italy.

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