Custom made Ketubot

Custom Ketubot are personally commissioned orders, tailored especially to the couple's requests and personal stories, painted by hand and in some cases also written by hand (calligraphy). Couples ordering a custom Ketubah are usually looking to create a work of art that represents their relationship and their personal, family, religious, national and cultural background, using symbolism, words and metaphor.


Explore a custom Ketubah: For examples of previous custom Ketubot, please  scroll down to see some selected works and press on the Ketubah that interests you. Here you will find some details about the process of creating this specific Ketubah, the symbolism and wording used in it, and the couple's experience. This might give you an idea of the process of creating a custom made Ketubah and it's benefits, or give you inspiration for your own Ketubah order. These are selected works – additional custom Ketubah designs are available to view upon demand.


The process of ordering and creating a Ketubah: for more information about the process of ordering a custom Ketubah, please press here – here you will find information about prices and text as well.

Ordering a Custom Ketubah – The process:

  • 1. Timetable – Before contacting me, please consider the timetable to see if it would work for you:

    A custom Ketubah takes between 1-3 months to receive from the moment you contact me to the moment it arrives on your doorstep, depending on several factors (as mentioned in detail bellow), such as whether your text is prepared and reviewed quickly and where you would like to receive your Ketubah. Rush orders to receive your Ketubah earlier than usual may be possible at an added price depending on your request (how quickly you want it, and how you wish to ship it - priority, express, etc.)

  • 2. Contact – To start the process, please send me details via message or order form :

    In order to commission a custom Ketubah, you are requested to either send an initial inquiry message about what you would like to order, or, if you are sure of what you/ the couple want, and you already have an idea of the text and personal details to insert in it (wedding date, location and names and any other personalized text), you are welcomed to fill in an order form. It is recommended to have finalized the text and details with the Rabbi or ceremony officiant before filling in the order form, but not obligatory.

  • 3. Finalizing the details – After an email correspondence, we'll set up an online meeting to discuss your Ketubah, and I will send a price quote for your approval:

    Once I receive your message or order form, I will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your design and text requests (this can be done in person, if you are in Berlin, or via skype or phone). During the discussion I take notes of the key elements you request to have  in your Ketubah, ask and answer questions, and can give guidance and advice when needed. After the discussion, I will prepare a price quote for you to approve (see more about prices bellow). (approx. time: meeting scheduled within a week of receiving your message or order form, depending on your availability; price quote prepared between 1-3 business days)

  • 4. Sketch/ first draft Based on our discussions, I will prepare one or more sketches for your approval:

    Once I receive an approval for the price quote, I will prepare a sketch based on the design we discussed. Once you receive this sketch you may approve it or request specific edits/ ask questions. I ask of you to please take the time to think about it and make a full list of any edits or remarks you may have. The price includes one round of edits and when required, a second sketch. Any additional edits after the first round is finished are charged at 37€ per hour, according to the extend of work required. (approx. time: within 1-2 weeks of receiving the price quote approval)

  • 5. Text – While I prepare the sketch, you finalize your text and personalized details with your Rabbi or ceremony officiant:

    Parallel to the sketch preparation, you are requested to coordinate and finalize your text with your Rabbi or ceremony officiant.  If you did not coordinate the text before filling in the order form, you can bring a printed version of the details you filled in to the Rabbi or officiant and review any corrections or additions they may have. If you do not have a specific text in advance, you are welcome to look at the text options I offer and to choose a text. Once I receive the final text with all the details from you, I will prepare a typed-up proof of the text for review. This text will either be printed in a calligraphy font or hand written in calligraphy. It is extremely important that you review the proof carefully before you approve, as it is difficult and time consuming to change the text after it is ready. You are responsible for the accuracy of the final proof, and changes after approval of the proof will be charged at 37€ per hour, according to the extend of work required. Translations of text between Hebrew, English, Italian and German are also possible and charged at 37€ per hour. (approx. time: typed up text for proofing sent within 1-2 weeks of receiving final text and details, parallel to the sketch preparation time)

  • 6. Creating the Ketubah itself Shipping or picking up your Ketubah:

    Once final approval for both the sketch and text is received, I will begin to work on the final Ketubah, based on the details we discussed and agreed upon. Before beginning the final work, I ask of you to pay 50% of the agreed upon price. Once everything is finalized and received the design and creation process begins. If necessary, I will send you samples from the process to coordinate details with you. Otherwise, I will send you an image of the final work when it is ready. (approx. time: within 2-4 weeks of receiving final approvals)

  • 7. Receiving the Ketubah – Before contacting me, please consider the timetable to see if it would work for you:

    When the Ketubah is ready, you have three ways of receiving it: 1. Picking it up personally, if you are in Berlin; 2. Having a family member or friend pick it up and transport it for you; 3. Shipping – for details regarding shipping please press here. You are requested to pay the remaining 50% of the price for the Ketubah before shipment. Customers are responsible for any and all duties and customs charges that may be incurred. (approx. time: within 3-14 business days depending on your location and choice of shipment/ pickup)

Price: Price quotes are calculated according to your specific custom requests and the extent of work, expertise and edits required for them. Prices range from circa 500€-850€ for simple custom requests which include a printed text in a calligraphy font,  imagery that does not require an extensive amount of research and preparation (symbols and patterns similar to work that has already been done, not covering the whole surface of the paper, requests that include very specific examples and so forth...). Prices for Ketubot that require calligraphy, special materials such as parchment, a large amount of gold leaf or paper-cutting, intricate design requests and extensive research may range between 850€ to 1500€ or more depending on the specific request and material costs.


Size of the Ketubah: Sizes range from circa 35 x 45 cm (circa 13.8 x 17.7 inches) to 50 x 70 cm (circa 19.7 x 27.5 inches) depending on the amount of text and the specific design requirements, as well as the customer's choice. Please note that a smaller sized Ketubah in the case of custom work does not necessarily lower the cost as the Ketubah - this is because sometimes a smaller work may be harder and more time consumer due to the smaller size of calligraphic text or of detailed design.


Methods of payment: For methods of payment please refer to my policies.

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