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Custom Ketubah – Olivier and Fabienne Paris, France

Design and symbolism: This unique Ketubah was created for a wedding that took place in Paris, France. The brother of the groom requested to have two trees with thick, intertwining trunks, as they saw in Rotem and Roi's Ketubah. They also similarly requested an illustration of  the old city of Jerusalem.


  • Trees: The trees are a recurring theme in traditional Ketubot, representing the tree of life as well as a connection to roots, growth and the life cycle.


  • Jerusalem: The city of Jerusalem is another recurring theme in the historic tradition of Ketubah design, a referral that is also linked to the mentioning of Jerusalem in the Jewish ceremony itself.


  • Unique personal touch: Added to these traditional Jewish symbols, the couple requested to insert elements, and a general color theme, that would represent the bride's country of birth, Guadeloupe in the French Indies.
  • Tropical elements: For the purpose of representing the bride's exotic country of origin, the brother, ordering the Ketubah as a gift, sent photographs of elements and scenes from the Island, including a request to have red hibiscus flowers decorating the Ketubah, tropical birds and a turquoise- light blue background.


Quotes, text and words: The quote above the image of Jerusalem is taken from the Sheva Brachot (the seven blessings traditionally said under the Chuppah), which translated into English means:

 "Let there soon be heard in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem"

The process:

  • The sketch: Based on discussions and original images sent by the brother of the groom, an initial sketch was prepared. The sketch was prepared with watercolors and pencil because of the importance of color for this specific Ketubah. Some changes to the initial design and image were made according to the customer's request.


  • Materials and techniques: The final Ketubah was created on high quality Arches® watercolor paper, initially creating the blue background for the text and creating a pencil outline of shadows, lights and elements. The text was hand written in calligraphy, in a Sephardi font, using black Chinese black ink. The illustration was created using colors such as tempera, Gouache, colorful ink and watercolors.


  • Reaching its final destination: Finally, the finished Ketubah was carefully transported via a friend of the family's to Paris, France, in which the wedding took place.

The initial sketch

Two additional small hibiscus flowers were places in the middle of the text, and the bride and groom's names were colored in gold.

The Ketubah in the making

The day of the week, the first word in the Ketubah, was painted by adding a deep blue decorative background

Hibiscus flowers and a lizzard - details from the Ketubah

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