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Ordering Process

About the Fine Art Print

Sizes and Ordering options

How to order your print Ketubah:


  1. Look through the different designs and choose your favorite design though the online shop.
  2. Look through the text possibilities and choose a text (skip this if you already have a text prepared).
  3. Fill out an order form.
  4. Receive a proof of your Ketubah and either approve or request edits.*
  5. When your Ketubah is ready and shipped, you will receive a notice with a tracking number.


* Once you order and pay - and I receive the necessary information regarding text, size and design, you will receive either a proof or a draft (if a custom design is requested) to approve. The price includes one round of edits and changes after this proof or draft is sent.


Any additional custom work or edits after approval of the first proof are charged at 37€ per hour.





It normally takes between 5-27 business days for a printed Ketubah to arrive at your doorstep from the moment you've ordered. Timetables vary greatly depending on where you want the Ketubah to be shipped to, how quickly you send in and approve all your order details, including the text, and how quickly you or your Rabbi/ ceremony officiant approve the final proof for print.*


Proof: It usually takes between 2-7 business days to receive the proof of your Ketubah from the moment the full text and details are received.


Printing, gold leaf application and preparation for shipment: From the moment that I receive your approval for the proof, it usually takes between 2-5 business days for the Ketubah to be printed and ready to ship.


Estimated shipping times**:


Israel: 1-5 business days

North America: 1-2 weeks

Europe: 1-5 business days


* Rush orders to receive your Ketubah earlier than usual may be possible at an added price depending on your request (how quickly you want it, and how you wish to ship it - priority, express, etc.)

** I'll do my best to meet these shipping estimates, but cannot guarantee them. Actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you choose.


Customs and import taxes: Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.



Customizing the design of your Ketubah:


Customized print design is possible (changing , removing or adding elements to an existing design). You can see more details on the Design Your Own Ketubah page, or you can contact me directly for more details about customized print design.

About the printing process:

  • All Ketubot were originally designed and hand illustrated by the artist and all rights to the artwork are reserved for the artist.


  • Every Ketubah has been scanned and optimized by the Jerusalem Fine Art Prints studio (JFAP) and by the artist, using the best technology and the highest attention to detail.


  • These Ketubot are printed by JFAP and/ or Das Foto Image Factory Berlin in a process of Giclée printing – a process of fine art print reproduction of original art, using fade-resistant, archival inks and archival substrates to print on large format printers.



  • I do my best to cover and wrap the Ketubah so that it is as protected as possible.


  • If the Ketubah is an A3 (30x42 cm) size, I usually ship it in a large flat and hard envelope, so that you receive it flat and ready to use.


  • Larger Ketubot are usually carefully roles and need to be unrolled. Please see instructions bellow on how to unroll your Ketubah.

How to take care of your print Ketubah:

Before the wedding:

In order to straighten a Ketubah - the simplest and best DIY solution is to use heavy books (the larger the better). Lay the Ketubah on a clean flat surface and use the paper it was wrapped in, to cover the Ketubah and protect it. Gently unroll the Ketubah- do not flatten it quickly.

The paper is very thick and flexible so it doesn't damage very easily - but a serious fold would be noticeable, so please try to avoid sudden moves or clutching with a few fingers and rather use the whole surface of your hand to "stroke" the paper, the way you would when straightening a bed sheet, for instance.


At the wedding:

I would highly recommend getting a high quality white or off white piece of strong cardboard, wood or taskboard (special modeling cardboard), customizing it to the size of the Ketubah and keeping it attached on the back of it (use gentle masking tape in a few selected corners)- put both together in a see-through nylon protector the size of the Ketubah or bigger.

These two together should keep the ketubah straight and protected while still giving you the possibility to take it out, sign and carry it around.

Most importantly- don't forget the bring a pen to sign the Ketubah (preferably of high quality, in an appropriate matching color.


After the wedding/ at home:

  • Try to not touch the gold-leafed parts (although the materials are of high quality and will not come off so easily).
  • Avoid extensive direct exposure to the sun (Do not keep it unprotected outside or on a balcony, for example).
  • Use a professional for framing to avoid damage to the Ketubah. The Ketubah has a large border area specifically to enhance your framing options.



This Ketubah comes in a few possible sizes:


  • 30 x 42 cm (A3) (circa 11.8 x 16.5 inches)*
  • 35 x 45 cm (circa 13.8 x 17.7 inches)
  • 40 x 60 cm (circa 15.7 x 23.6 inches)


It is possible to request a custom size, including larger print possibilities. Please mention this in the order form.


* The smallest size is A3 - but please be aware that this size is only recommended for short, one-language texts. Long texts will appear in a very small font in this size.



Gold Leaf:


All old leaf is added to certain details of the Ketubah print by hand, upon request, using 23 kt. Manetti gold leaf which is manufactured in Florence, Italy. Additional kinds of gold (white gold, moon gold and others, are possible but require ordering 2 weeks in advance.


  • Added Gold leaf costs 20€.



Personalization and text:


  • You can either choose a text from my text options, or send your own text.


  • It is possible to order the Ketubah with blank spaces to fill in your details or to personalize the details (adding your names, dates and location) for an added 25€.


  • Custom texts and translations between English, Hebrew, Italian and German are possible.


  • Texts in other languages are accepted if they are prepared in advance by the couple and sent to me after being edited and reviewed.


  • If a prepared text is sent in word document there will be no additional charge, only the charge for personalization (please choose this in the size and info options).


  • Translations, text edits and transcribing text from a non-word document (please make sure you have the rights or permission to use the text) are charged at 37€ per hour, based on the length and complexity of the desired text.



When ordering:


In the "size" options please choose the appropriate option for you according to:


  • Size
  • Whether you want gold leaf added to the print
  • Whether you'd like personalization (adding personal details: names, dates and location).



Shipping options:


Israel: 1-5 business days

North America: 1-2 weeks

Europe: 1-5 business days



Additional quicker shipping options for North America are possible – please contact me for further details.


Shipping cost Israel: 15 €

Shipping cost North America: 15 €

Shipping cost Europe: 15 €

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