Hi Nehama! The ketubah came yesterday to my moms house and today I drove there to see it. IT'S STUNNING! I'm beyond happy with how it turned out. Thank you soooo very much!!!! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to have all our friends and family sign it as witnesses. The gold leaf added to the ketubah is especially my favorite :). Thank you again and thank you also for the thoughtful card to me and Aaron :). We will treasure this always and I am soo happy I went with a ketubah that was handmade and more personal.


Alexandra & Aaron

California, U.S.A

Hello Nehama,


Thank you very very much for creating our beautiful Ketuba, which was a great gift we received from Jana and Marcel. Obviously, it has earned a very prominent spot in our home.


Miriam & Benjamin

Berlin, Germany

Nehama produced the most beautiful and delightful Ketubah for my wedding. She listened to all of our suggestions and created a Ketubah that far exceeded our expectations. Not only is she a brilliant artist but is fabulously creative as well. The Ketubah she produced is far more than just a marriage contract, it is a work of art and now has pride of place on our wall. Could not recommend her highly enough!


David & Francesca

Leicester, England

"It has been really amazing to have our Ketubah done by Nehama. Although we were far apart, we were shown all different styles and types of drawings, and were advised and directed to our very favourite designs. The text was also beautifully hand-written, and following the specific requirements of the Florence community, Nehama produced a gorgeous work of art. Thank you"


Nathan & Corrine

Florence, Italy

Thank you Nehama for the most beautiful and personal ketubah. You included all the elements we suggested and it is even more lovely than we expected. We love that we have a beautiful piece of artwork that we display with pride that is also a wonderful momento of our wedding.


Janette & Laurent

Paris, France

THE KETUBAH ARRIVED TODAY!!! It is so beautiful - we love it!! I am so glad it arrived. Thank you for everything.

Lauren & Bernardo

New York, U.S.A.

Phorograph by:  Hideki Falcón, Button Up Photography


Thank you for making such a beautiful Ketubah for us! We love the way you helped us find a simple and elegant layout for the text we had written, and then you added such delicate but rich and flowing decorations and illustrations to it. Whenever I look at the Ketubah hanging in our house I am reminded of the lush banks of the Hazbani river, where we proposed to each other. Thank you for capturing our magical moment and for conceptualizing it in our Ketubah.


Kinneret & Amir

Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Nehama, we are very happy with this very beautiful and artistic ketubah. We had our wedding two weeks ago now and our friend Petra made us a great big surprise with this very special and worthy present! Best wishes and from our hearts a very warm toda raba!

Andreas & Volker

Hamburg, Germany

Hi Nehama,

Thank you very much. The ketubah is lovely. You definitely get our recommendation! Chag sameach!!!


Yuval &  Maya

Tel Aviv, Israel

The Ketubah came out more beautiful than was expected. Thank you so much!


Danya & Jason

Georgia, U.S.A

The Ketubah was the center of our ceremony. We invested much time into writing it. Meetings with the Rabbi and with our parents, conversations with each other, reading other Ketubot and speaking to other couples who chose to write their Ketubah.

Since the Ketubah was so important to us it was clear to us that we wantede to hang it in a central place in our home. It was obvious to us that we want it to not only have beautiful content but to also look good, traditional and artistic.


The Ketubah that Nehama made for us was exactly what we wanted. Without our needing to explainthings too much, she succeeded in creating something that was precisely to our taste, with a design that integrated tradition and original art work. The Ketubah is hanging on our wall in our living room and receives complements every time someone new comes to visit.


Udi and Osnat

Jerusalem, Israel

... And the best customer of all, married to me since 2009, Jerusalem, Israel

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